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The Law Foodie discusses how to stay on track and motivated to achieve your fitness and workout goals

Staying Motivated


✘ Motivation

It's something that has so many different meanings to different people. It's the driving force to getting us up every morning and living each day the way we want to live it. It's the reason why we do the things we do. 

Motivation is found within all aspects of our life, however it is dominant within in the fitness and health industry. Fitness communities all across social media are built on motivation; whether it's motivating each other or using your personal social media to motivate yourself! It's so inspiring to see a group of individuals with a similar interest motivating each other in their journey

✘ So what motivates me?

Everyone has days where they just don't want to work out and it's tough to get over that. I work out 6/7 times a week, (on a good week) but even i struggle some days to find the energy to get to the gym. I even try to convince myself I shouldn't go! Excuses, excuses. 

But, I've found a few things along the way that help motivate me:

✘ Progress Pictures

I've said it before, seeing little changes through progress pictures is the best way to monitor progress. These days everyone is so negative towards their bodies, but progress pictures makes you proud of your hard work and love the way your body is changing. We learn to appreciate every tiny muscle we see growing, or every inch we can see lost.


The Law Foodie discusses how to stay on track and motivated to achieve your fitness and workout goals


✘ My own personal journey

Knowing that I'm not as strong as I could be. Every gym session I try to push myself, even on the days where I just don't want to be there. But it's true what they say: the best workouts are the ones you don't want to do. I've smashed most of my PBs in gym sessions I was reluctant to go to, but I always feel amazing after them!

The Law Foodie discusses how to stay on track and motivated to achieve your fitness and workout goals


✘ Motivational quotes 

I'm a sucker for a good motivational quote, I'll trawl social media for hours searching for a good quote. That's all it takes is that one quote that you can relate to to help you get up and work out. There is so much negativity around people posting motivational quotes, saying that they don't work etc. But it works for me and that's all that matters; find what works for you. This is why I love my V3 motivational clothing; especially my 'strong is the new skinny' tank! [Find it here] I wear it on the tough gym days when I need a little extra boost. I know it's only a workout tank but when I'm in the gym & I see it, it reminds me that I'm no longer that unhealthy skinny girl I used to be, now I'm strong and getting stronger each day. I've even seen women in the gym read my top and smile, and I like to think that I've motivated them as well.                             


 The Law Foodie discusses how to stay on track and motivated to achieve your fitness and workout goals


✘ The fitness community 

I spend most days in the gym or working out and I'm guilty for people watching. Not judging, but more in admiration; the different types of people you see working out is amazing. In no other social situation in life would you get the same mix of people. The gym in it's own right is a little community: everyone is helpful, patient, and respectful that we are all there for one thing: to work on ourselves. The fitness industry as a whole has such an egotistic reputation - but that's not the case in the slightest. We all started due to lack of confidence and we earn the right to post every body selfie, progress picture and new muscle that we find. I love being a part of this community and it motivates me to continue on.


What motivates you? Tell me in the comment section below! :)

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Thank you so much! I’m really glad to hear you liked the post :) hope you had a great workout!

thelawfoodie October 12, 2015

I loved this post. I am reading this as I am getting ready for my workout :) Very inspiration and love your attitude towards fitness. Keep it up dear :*

Deniza October 07, 2015

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