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Unlock your full potential and learn the best tips and tricks to get you off to the right start. Read on and click the topic bars below for more details.


"Use code: V323 for 10% off @V3Apparel"
Sharing your discount code with your friends, fans and followers is a great way to give back to the people who follow and support you. Share your code in your social media bio, posts, stream and blog and earn a revenue share of the total order value of each successfully referred sale.



"Shop @V3Apparel through link in my bio"
Share your Affiliate referral link in your blog, social media profiles and blog descriptions to increase your conversions. Each time a visitor clicks your link and makes a purchase at, within a 30 day period, you will earn a commission share of each customers total order value.



Shop the Team store here.
To better understand our products and for Affiliates to maintain authenticity when promoting, we provide team members with a personal discount and priority access to all new releases. Visit the team store 24 hours prior to public release dates to shop the new releases, first.




    V3 Apparel Affiliate Dashboard

    Affiliate Dashboard

    The Affiliate dashboard allows you to stay up to date with your financials, view your commission details and access a range of creatives to help you promote your links and codes across Instagram, Twitter, blog or stream. You can also access the message centre to contact the Affiliate team directly with any questions or issues you may have. Access the Affiliate dashboard using the button below or visit and access the dashboard at anytime by scrolling to the bottom of our website and clicking 'Dashboard' under the 'Company' header.


    Access a range of free branded imagery to help with your promotional efforts. Creatives such as branded social media imagery, blog banners and website content are available to download for your own use. Upload to your social pages and increase your conversions.



    Stay up to date with your current and previous payments within the payment history tab. View your pending payments, payment methods and payment dates.



    View your conversions for all referred sales and stay up to date with approved and pending sales as the enter your dashboard. You can alsoview each sales commission and payment status.



    Access the message center within your dashboard for 24/7 help and support from our dedicated Affiliate team.



    Generate reports and view your best performing conversion channels, products and creatives.



    Make changes and update your personal information, timezone and PayPal payment information. Ensure your PayPal email address is completed and set up to receive payments in Pound Sterling to ensure you receive all payouts.



    Complete a range of online and offline missions to help boost your commission and earn points, perks and rewards. Missions are updated at the start of every month so be sure to check back regularly. Click the button below to view our current list of active missions.
    Earning points is easy

    100 POINTS = £1.00 GBP

    Complete missions to start earning.


    Access a range of free V3 Apparel branded social media imagery and website content to help with your promotional efforts. All images uploaded are free to download and use and can be accessed through the 'Creatives' tab located within your Affiliate dashboard. Upload and include your Affiliate discount to increase your conversions.


    Work hard and earn big with tiered levels that rewards your efforts. Complete tier requirements and level up to unlock higher commission rates, new perks and exclusive brand opportunities. Click below to view our Affiliate tiers.


    View your pending payments, commission reward and create custom reports to view your complete payment history within the dashboard. All commissions are paid in pound sterling via the PayPal payment system so ensure your PayPal address is correct in the 'Settings' tab within your dashboard. In addition, check that your PayPal account is setup to accept payments in pound sterling. Click here to read instructions on how to do this.
    Payments are made upon reaching the £10.00 GBP threshold, 30 days after the month in which the last referred sale was successfully processed. This allows for our return period to pass should a referred order be cancelled or returned. If you do not make this threshold, your commission will be rolled into the next month's total until the threshold is met.