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"To combine motivation, fitness & fashion to create unique fun-loving active wear for the everyday athlete" 

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Thank you for considering V3 Apparel as a brand sponsor.

As a company focused on motivating the everyday athlete, our aim is to create a family of athletes passionate about inspiring and helping others on their fitness journey.

We hold a very small amount of sponsored athlete positions to ensure we are able to dedicate our full time and effort to providing all V3 athletes the attention and opportunities they deserve.  If you love V3 Apparel, share our ethos and live to influence and inspire others to lead a healthy lifestyle then we would love to hear from you! 

We are open to applications from individuals of all disciplines and fitness levels, as we believe each person holds a unique gift and talent which can be offered as a way of positively impacting the lives of others.

We are unable to provide applicants with a set criteria checklist. However, to ensure we gain a clear understanding of yourself we have provided a few suggestion points below as a guide for your application. If you feel additional information, imagery or documentation would better help in our understanding then please feel free to add as much or little as you would like!

Applications must be sent to TeamV3@V3Apparel.com in order to be considered. Please be aware that we receive hundreds of applications on a weekly basis and so we are unable to offer positions to everyone.  We do however keep all applications on file for future vacancies. If you would like to get involved with V3 Apparel prior to applying then we would recommend looking into our affiliate program which can be found here. This provides a great opening and chance for you to get to know the team in anticipation for applying as a sponsored athlete.


  • Full Name
  • Location
  • Social links/website/blog
  • Sporting affiliations
  • Short biography
  • Tell us why you should be a sponsored V3 Apparel athlete
  • How do you stand out from the crowd?


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