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What it the V3 Apparel Affiliate Program?

    The exclusive V3 Apparel Affiliate Program offers you the unique opportunity to join a worldwide team of athletes, trainers, bloggers, streamers and influencers.  As we continue to grow and help motivate a global audience, we look to our team of passionate and dedicated Affiliates to help bring our brand to athletes everywhere.
    Recognised worldwide for our commitment to creating the most unique, authentic and motivational garments and accessories within the fitness retail industry, we offer a select number of applicants to join team V3 and be a part of our continued growth.

    Apply now to join the program and earn a revenue share of each order you successfully promote V3 Apparel and refer friends, fans and followers to V3Apparel.com We are committed to working with motivated and passionate partners to help us reach and motivate everyday athletes everywhere. Be rewarded for making the world a healthier place one garment at a time.

    What does it cost to join the program?

    Joining the V3 Apparel Affiliate program is completely free and you can withdraw at any time.  

    Why should I join?

    We are committed to working with motivated and passionate partners to help motivate and introduce V3 Apparel to athletes everywhere.
    • Quick set up, start promoting and earning upon approval
    • Strong conversion rate and retention with high average order value
    • Unique referral link and ability to customise link end path
    • Industry leading commission rate - earn up to 20% revenue share of referred orders
    • Exclusive discount code for personal use when shopping at V3Apparel.com
    • Increase your earning period with an industry leading 30 day referral period
    • Earn additional revenue and rewards by completing brand missions
    • Tiered Affiliate Program offers unique growth opportunities
    • User friendly personal dashboard helps organise referrals, reports and financials
    • Full range of creative materials to choose from to help maximise your promotional efforts
    • Opportunity to collaborate and work with the V3 Apparel team
    • Exclusive opportunity to attend team events and exhibitions
    • No fees required, participation in the program is completely free
    • Direct and personal support from a dedicated Affiliate team

    How does it work?

    The V3 Apparel Affiliate program is a unique opportunity to earn revenue through promoting the V3 Apparel products you love on your websites, blogs, streams, mailing list, in your fitness classes, to your clients and across your social media platforms.
    In return for your hard work and efforts, we offer industry high commission rates, unique discount codes and brand opportunities and rewards.
    Successful applicants will have the opportunity to earn a revenue share on each successfully referred order; each time a visitor clicks through your affiliate link to V3Apparel.com and makes a purchase, you'll earn a revenue share of any successful order placed within a 30 day period.
    Affiliates will also earn commission when their affiliate discount code is used on any successful purchase. Affiliate link and affiliate codes are individually tracked by our system so commission can be made if one or both are used during a purchase.
    To better understand our products and for Affiliates to maintain authenticity when promoting, we also provide team members with a personal discount and priority access to all new releases. Visit the team store 24 hours prior to release dates to shop the new releases, first.
    The V3 Apparel Affiliate program also offers Affiliates the unique opportunity to partake in dedicated brand missions, which provide additional financial based perks, prizes and rewards when completed. Click here to view current active brand missions.
    Getting started is quick and easy, our dedicated Affiliate support team are on hand 24/7 to help you setup your account, resolve any queries you have or even to discuss any promotional ideas you may have to help boost your conversions.

    Who can participate?

      All members of Team V3 share a single goal: to help motivate a global audience of athletes to conquer their fitness goals.
      If you are passionate about our products, have a drive to motivate and bring V3 Apparel into the home and kit bag of every athlete worldwide, along with a will to make the world a healthier, fitter place, then we want to hear from you.

      How do I apply?

        Click here to apply and complete the following application form in full. Positions are very limited and applications may take up to 72 hours to review.

        How do I complete the application form?

          Please complete the application form in full, ensuring you answer to the best of your ability, providing as much detail and information as possible. The more information you are able to provide, the more we will be able to understand who you are as a person, your personal goals and how you will fit into team V3.

          How long does it take to review my application?

            Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email noting that your application has been received and is now under review. Please note, that due to the high volume of applications we receive, the review process may take up to 72 hours to complete.

            How much can I earn?

              Work hard, earn big. The V3 Apparel Affiliate Program offers a variety of compensation options allowing you to tailor the program to meet your needs. Many Programs rely on referred sales alone but the V3 Apparel Affiliate Program offers the unique opportunity to grow and reach new Tiers which provide access to higher commission rates, larger discounts, rewards and brand opportunities.

              When will I get my personal discount code?

                Successful applicants will be receive an email detailing further information on how to access your Affiliate details.
                Please note, discount codes can only be used by the Affiliate it has been assigned to and is should not be shared or used in association with any other orders.
                If this code is used by another individual, location or uploaded online it will be automatically picked up and terminated by our system and any outstanding orders will be cancelled along with the Affiliates agreement.

                How are commissions paid?

                  Commissions are based on your monthly net sales and will be paid upon meeting the payment threshold of £10.00 Pound Sterling. All payments are made through the PayPal payment system 30 days after the month in which the last referred sale was successfully processed. All commissions are paid in pound sterling via PayPal, please ensure your PayPal is set up to receive payments in Pound Sterling.

                  What is the payment threshold?

                  The minimum accumulated commission an Affiliate must earn in order to initiate a payment from the V3 Apparel Affiliate Program is £10.00 GBP per month. If you fail to make this threshold your commission will be rolled in the next month's total until £10.00 GBP in total is made. Please ensure your PayPal is set up to receive payments in Pound Sterling.

                  What are the different Affiliate tiers?

                    Affiliate Tiers provide dedicated Affiliates the opportunity to unlock unique regards, higher commission opportunities and exclusive perks as you progress through the ranks. Click here for more information on each Affiliate tier.

                      What are Affiliate missions?

                        Affiliate missions provide Affiliates with the opportunity to compete in and complete, monthly mission assignments to earn extra commission, unique perks, freebies and discounts by completing tasks set by V3 Apparel. These tasks include online and offline missions geared towards improving community interaction, inspiring others and promoting V3 Apparel and our brand values.

                        How do I promote my Affiliate code and link?

                          Click here for more information on how to best promote your Affiliate link and discount code.

                          How do I keep track of my referrals and commission?

                            All Affiliates can log in to their personal dashboard to view commission earned and referral information. Access the dashboard at anytime through the 'Dashboard' link located in the footer of any web page at V3Apparel.com.

                            When are payments made for successful commissions?

                            Payments are based on your monthly net sales and will be paid 30 days after the month in which the referred sale was successfully processed. All commissions are paid in Pound Sterling through PayPal on a monthly basis providing the threshold is met.

                            Why are payments only made through PayPal?

                              V3 Apparel process all payments through the PayPal online payment system as it is the most secure and fastest way to process payments online. It is also the largest online payment system available and is completely free for users to sign up. Click here to signup to PayPal.

                              How do I setup my PayPal account to accept payments?

                                V3 Apparel pay all Affiliates in Great British Pounds. As a result you are required to add GBP as a currency within your PayPal account.
                                To do this, click on 'Profile and Settings' then 'My Money' and scroll to 'Currency Management'. Here you can select 'Add a currency' to include Great British Pounds as a method of payment. Currency exchange rates apply.
                                If you do not setup accepting GBP currency before being paid, your payment will show as being unclaimed. Please click here for help on claiming unclaimed payments. Unclaimed payments will be automatically cancelled and returned after 30 days. 

                                How will I know if I made a successful conversion?

                                  Upon making a successful conversion our system will notify you by email and credit your account. This commission will then be visible as pending revenue within your Affiliate dashboard and will become available for payout 30 days from the orders date.

                                  How will I know if my application was successful?

                                  Successful applicants will be contacted by our Affiliate team at the email address provided during sign up within 72 hours of applying.

                                  What are the requirements to joining?

                                    V3 Apparel partner with self-motivated and established personalities and professionals within the health and fitness industry. Affiliates are passionate about our brand, story and products, with a passion for motivating and inspiring their engaged audience to help them conquer their personal fitness goals. We're looking for partners who:
                                    • Are passionate and actively engaged with our brand, with an interest in our products, story and lifestyle.
                                    • Active social media users, content creators and leaders within their area of expertise.
                                    • Display a keen interest in helping to bring the V3 Apparel brand to a global audience.
                                    • Have a passion for all things health, fitness, fashion and motivation.
                                    • Have an engaged audience with a keen interest in fashion and fitness
                                    • Are able to drive impact through measurable performance

                                    Why was my application declined?

                                    An application will be declined if you:
                                    • Fail to provide a blog, website or social handle which is regularly used and actively updated.
                                    • If you provide a URL or social handle that links to a page or account that is incorrect, private, under construction or not owned by you.
                                    • Fail to provide enough detail within your application.
                                    • Re-apply within the required re-application period of 3 months.
                                    • If you do not read, understand and agree to the V3 Apparel Affiliate Website Marketing Agreement.
                                    • If you are under 18 yeas of age.
                                    Reasons for a declined application may include, but are not limited to, a website, social media or content that:
                                    • Infringes V3 Apparel or third party trademark rights.
                                    • Contains sexually explicit or graphic material.
                                    • Contains hate, violence or ofensive content.
                                    • Promotes discrimination.
                                    • Promotes illegal activities or otherwise violates any applicable laws.
                                    • Appropriates text or images from V3 Apparel websites.
                                    • Includes a V3 Apparel trademark in your domain name or social handle.
                                    • Includes other inappropriate elements. What is deemed inappropriate is at V3 Apparel's sole discretion.
                                    If you think your application has been declined in error, please contact our Affiliate support team and provide your full name, email and application date.

                                    When can I reapply?

                                    Please allow 3 months from the date of contact before reapplying.

                                    What if a referred order is declined, cancelled or returned?

                                      If a customer returns a product, requests a refund, cancels an order, or if credit card charges are reversed due to a dispute or fraudulent action, any commission relating to this order will be reversed and will no longer be credited.

                                      Can I use my referral link or code to purchase for myself or friends?

                                      You may not purchase products during sessions initiated through your own Affiliate links or Affiliate codes. This includes orders on behalf of customers and orders for products to be used by you, your friends, your relatives, or your associates in any manner.

                                      Can I apply if I'm under 18?

                                        Unfortunately we require applicants to be over 18 years of age before applying for the V3 Apparel Affiliate Program.

                                        Is this a sponsored program?

                                        The V3 Apparel Affiliate Program has been designed to give a select number of fans, followers and customers the unique opportunity to be a part of team V3, earning commission through actively promoting the V3 Apparel brand, products and values. The Affiliate Program is not a sponsored partnership or employed position and does not include free products.

                                        Can I leave the program at anytime?

                                          Affiliates can leave the program at anytime. Please notify the Affiliate team of your request to terminate the agreement and your account will be closed 30 days after the requested date.

                                          Program policies

                                            Please refer to the V3 Apparel Affiliate Website Marketing Agreement here for full terms and conditions. By applying to the V3 Apparel Affiliate Program you acknowledge that you hve read and agree to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

                                              Get in touch

                                                Can't find the answer to your question? Click here to contact our dedicated Affiliate support team.