Put your purchase to the test and if you're not happy with the fit or performance, we've got you covered. When you shop at V3Apparel.com, you have an extended returns period of up to 42 days to return any items for a full refund or store credit.


Returns Process:

To start a return, submit a return request through our Returns Center within 14 days from the day your order is delivered. 

Once requested, please allow up to 48 hours for your return request to be processed, the time taken to process your request will not impact your return timeframe.

Upon approval, an email notification with instructions on how to return your item will be provided giving you an additional 14 days to return your item(s) for a full refund or for store credit for any items returned outside of this period and within an extended 15-28 day period. Store credit will be sent to the original email address for you to redeem on your next purchase.

Please note: items purchased during our annual 'only sale event of the year' are not eligible for a full refund and store credit to the value of the product at the time of purchase, will instead be issued provided it is returned within the above timeframe.

Items returned without being logged in the Returns Center first, or, those which fall outside of the relevant returns day period won't be accepted.